About Chez Le Thai Restaurant

Chef at Chez Le Thai Restaurant

Awaken your senses at Chez Le Thai Restaurant, a Thai restaurant in the Ottawa-Gatineau area

An authentic thai restaurant in the heart of Old-Hull

Located in the heart of a trendy spot of Old Hull, on Laval Street, our Chez Le Thai Restaurant breaks the mold. Nearby Le Troquet and  Aux 4 Jeudis, and from walking distances of tourist attractions of the Ottawa-Gatineau area, our Thai fine dining  restaurant will delight your senses in an atmosphere both traditional and modern, where the buzz of Laval Street reminds us of the dynamism of Thailand’s streets.

Authentic thai food Chez Le Thai restaurant

Evoking the flavors of coriander, lemongrass and coconut milk, our dishes are the result of mixed vegetables and fresh herbs, spices and sauces prepared daily guided by our authentic Thai recipes which were preserved in our family for two generations.

In fact, we come from a family where the art of preparing Thai food is our way of living. From father to son, we have preserved this ancestral know-how in our family restaurant, located in Udon Thani in northern Thailand. This thai restaurant, open 24h a day, is well known to locals for its fresh ingredients, divine taste and authenticity.

Our mission is to awaken your senses and transport you in our local thai restaurant in Udon Thani

This knowledge combined with a feeling of a deep desire to share with you one of the most important aspects of our culture, gastronomy, we’ve opened our door in 2000. Our mission is to awaken your senses and, during a meal, transport you to our local restaurant in Udon Thani.

Make a reservation today in our dining room, Sanook room or in one of our terraces to enjoy a unique sensory experience at Chez Le Thai Restaurant in the Ottawa-Gatineau area!